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Festival Gift Holiday Present

A gift just for you

High quality packaging design.

The Zipper ball gift set is a surprise gift for birthdayMother's DayValentine's DayThanksgivinganniversaryhousewarmingChristmas and other holidays.

Necessary Spa Aromatherapy bath accessories

These bombs are big size12 pieces of diameter 2.5 inches balls.

The bath bombs will fizz and enhance the bath water when dropped in. They have a vanilla scent and add all sorts of enhancers to the water for cleaning exfoliating and general relaxation.

Our Commitment

*Using Edible pigment.

* ingredients are naturalsafe and vegan.

*Rich bubbles have a long-lasting fragrance.

*Formulated for Normal/Dry Skin.



An ideal gift: Surprise birthdayValentine's Dayanniversaryhousewarming or Christmas gift for someone you love and those who love you.

Bath Bombs 5OZ12 Pieces

Toning And Relaxing OLIBANUM Oil + Sweet Vanilla+Balancing Lavender oil + Rose Essential OilNatural and Healthy No Unpleasant Mixed Smell.

Products Specification:

  • Color: Green/Purple/Pink
  • Diameter: 2.5 Inch/Salt Ball
  • Weight: 5OZ Per Bath Bomb
  • Fragrance: Peppermint/Lavender/Rose
  • Fit for All People except sensitive skin persons

If you have a pink princess dreaminject full water into bath tube first. And put the rose ball in.See pink fizzes. Smell rose flavour.Do floral soak.Make a perfect bubble&spa bath.

If you are too tired today and want to have a full body relax. Put one peppermint ball inwhen inject half water in the bath tube. Feel like in a green forest.Enjoy a piece of calm from body to mind,which is very therapeutic.

If today is too many boring things happened,try a piece of lavender bath bomb,which help you keep moisture as soft skin.Like in a charming purple garden. You are still that girl in 21 years old reading a book on the grassy lawn.

Settle in for a good soak .Let

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