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Momoko Collagen helps to create and restore collagen. Helps bonesjoints strongglowing skin.Type 2 collagen is the most suitable collagen. That will take care of healthnourish jointschoose to eat the right kind.

Momoko Di Peptide Collagen from freshwater Fish 100% authentic Japanese collagen.

Import From Japan.New helper for strong bonesjointsglowing skin.

Easy to drinkdissolve quicklyno color addedno sugar.

Directions:1-2 spoons daily for strong bonesjointsand bright skin.

Condition :New .

Size : 50.6 g / Bottle.

Content : 6 Bottles/Pack.

30ml Nuvite Glow Face Cream 30 mg Facial cream that will help tighten various wrinklesfirm skinmake the skin glow with a mixture of Hyaluronic acid to keep the skin moisturized water .Easily absorbed through the skin. And deep into the inner skin Helps add moisture to the skin for a long time. And helps make the skin look firmer. Pores appear smaller The skin looks youngersmoothermore livelyreduces free radical. And a mixture of collagen derived from fish. It has the property of strengthening the structure of the skin. And smoother Helps add moistureshinereduce wrinkles and dullnessmaking the skin always youthful.

Product Features

- Provides excellent hydration to the skin Retain moisture for a long time.

- Lift and tighten various wrinklesfirm skin.

- Glow and clear with aura.

- Skin looks younger Rejuvenate the skin.

- Smooth skin Tighten pores.

- Helps tighten pores.

- Moisturize your skin.

- Make the skin absorb water and absorb water well.

- Stimulates the production of collagen.

- Reduce dark spots.

- Helps fight free ra

This set included with : Fish Collagen Momoko Collagen Di Peptide Powder 50600mg From Japan Vitamin C Zinc Q10 Look Younger!! No Sugar
NUVITE HYA COLLAGEN FACIAL GEL 30 ML Moisture Firming Youthfulness Looking Young Collagen Beauty Anti Aging Nourish Revitalize Healthy Skin.
Momoko Collagen helps to create and restore collagen.
Helps bonesjoints strongglowing skin.
Type 2 collagen is the most suitable collagen.

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