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At Barrel and Oakwe formulate grooming essentials that are made to be everyday classics. We offer a full spectrum of grooming and body products with simpletime-honoredand premium ingredients because we think our bodies deserve more. And it all began with organic olive oilhence the name of our collection. With a focus on functionfragranceand effective ingredientsour goal has been to create products for the modern man: one who is health-conscious and practical. The inspiration behind our natural fragrances is blending the earthy aroma of the outdoors paired with sophisticated notes of various essential oils. It ALL-IN-ONE MEN'S BODY WASH: Pare down your shower regimen with our all-in-one body wash for men! Refresh your facebody& hair with a single formula. This balanced cleanser removes dirt & grime without leaving you dry or oily. Multifunctional!
START SMELLING LIKE THE MAN YOU WANT TO BE: Our black oak scented all-in-one body wash is naturally fragranced with a rich outdoorsy aroma of warm oak & spicy bergamot. Smell amazing with the musky blend of leatherclove& smoky vanilla.
EFFECTIVE INGREDIENTS FOR BODY WASH: Organic white birch extract purifies skin for a balanced cleansingBrazilian yerba mate extract energizes your body & skin for a refreshing experience& panthenol (vitamin B-5) hydrates to smooth hair & beard.
DESIGNED FOR THE MODERN MAN: Barrel and Oak has a full spectrum of grooming & body care products that are designed with functionfragrance& effective ingredients for the health-conscious & practical modern man. Give your body what it deserves.
EARTH-FRIENDLYYOU-FRIENDLYWALLET-FRIENDLY: Our premium products for men are scented with natural fragrances & essential oilsfree of parabensphthalates& SLSpackaged in recyclable materialscruelty-free& vegan or vegetarian.

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