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Baltic Amber is fossil of resin that is like sap which formed over 45millions years old from Baltic sea region of Europe. Although not a mineralit is generally classified as a gemstone. A common misconception is that Amber is made of tree sap. Sap is the fluid that circulates through a plant's vascular systemwhile resin is the semi-solid amorphous organic substance secreted in pockets and canals through epithelial cells of the tree.

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Not suitable for children under 3 years. For use under adult supervision

VERY IMPORTANT - Measure before buying - Choose the right size for you
35cm Long - 1 year Guarantee. Fast Support.
All packed in a beautiful gift box.
Safety Knotted (Individually Knotted) Beads and a "Twist Clasp" Closure Provide Added Safety and Prevent The Tisk of Choking.
We Promise Our Baltic Amber Necklaces Are Certified as 100% Authentic Amber. So Buy It without Hesitation!

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