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- Absorbability GRAPESEED OIL - Grapeseed oil (Vitis vinifera) is the ideal lightweight carrier for oily skin but is highly compatible for many skin types.
VERSATILE AND AROMATIC - Grapeseed is a natural choice for those concerned with nut allergies. It also makes an effective natural alternative to petroleum-derived mineral oil.
ETHICALLY MADE - Aura Cacia Grapeseed Oil is not tested on animalsand contains no synthetic colors or fragrances. Aura Cacia Essential Oils and skin care oils are completely paraben and petroleum free.
PURITY TESTING - Gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC/MS) testing is the primary way to ensure an essential oil is an unadulteratedtrue botanical. All Aura Cacia essential oils are GC/MS tested.
ABOUT US - Aura Cacia was founded 38 years ago on pure essential oils and true aromatherapy benefits. We partner with suppliers to source high quality botanicals and rigorously test every batch to ensure purity. We then provide premium products with consumer safety at the forefront. And importantlyAura Cacia is part of a member owned co-op that puts people and planet ahead of profits.

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