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I cried a lot.

One daymy son suffering from chronic eczema was heating up his body with the wind of a hot hair dryer. I asked my son what he was doing.

"Dad told me not to scratch with my handsso I scratched it with hot wind."

That dayI hugged my son and cried and decided the next day.
I will definitely improve my son's eczema.

I've used a lot of creams and lotions. Howeverthe son's eczema did not improveand although he used steroid ointmentthere were problems with alopecia and toleranceand his symptoms improved only temporarily.

As a dermatologistI have been researching lotions for 3 years.
I gave it to patients in my hospital who had similar symptoms to my sonand as the symptoms improvedI was asked to sell it.

We want to provide the value of healing not only to patients in Koreabut also to patients around the world.

I made it with father's heart.

-Ferry han-

Why the Shield Cream Lotion

Does not use regular water like other products

  • Contains Lavender water to maximize the soothing effect
  • Non Greasy Gently absorbed

  • Tackles the main concerns of Eczema cream users
  • Light weight enough to be used for babies
  • Brings back your smile with 20 natural ingredients

  • 20 organic natural ingredients the creates a healthy skin barrier
  • FREE FROM All Chemicals that irritate skin

  • FREE from all chemicals that are known to cause skin irritation
  • Animal Cruelty Testing FREE


    Cactus extractLavender waterSunflower seed oilGrape seed oilGlycerinCetearyl glucoside(From Plant Derived)Sorbitan OliveateOlive oilShea butterCetearyl alcoholJojoba Seed OilRosehip Fruit oil1,2-hexanediol Centella Asiatica extractMatricaria extractBergamot leaf extractOrenago leaf extractApple mint leaf extractSylvia leaf extractSpearmint leaf extractTea tree leaf extractPeppermint leaf extractLavender flower extractWild geranium extractXanthan gum AllantoinSodium HyaluronateBergamot OilEthylhexyl Glycerin(From Plant extracts)

    Differences that make a difference - Our lotion / cream does not use regular water as a raw material like other products. By using lavender waterwe've maximized the soothing effect and dermatitis treatment capabilities. Use Shield without any worries because it is made out of 20 natural ingredients that will not cause skin irritation.
    Get your smile back with Shield - Build a well hydrated3-layer moisturizing skin barrier with natural ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid. Even if you have sensitive skinwe will 'Shield' your skin.
    Your skin deserves natural / organic ingredients - FREE Petroleum ,ParabensPhenoxyethanolMineral oilFragranceSodium hydroxidePolyacrylateArtificial preservativesArtificial pigmentation etc. Free of harsh chemicals that are harmful for your skin. Free of animal testing. Proudly made in South Korea.
    Spread the value of healing - "Many products are introduced as non-greasy and non irritant. My child also used tons of cream for his eczema and showed no improvement. I am sure many other clients had similar experiences. As a dermatologistI made it for my child. We promise you'll break cycle".
    MADE IN KOREAWE PROVED MONEYBACK GUARANTEE - Find out why our customers in Korea love our products. If you don't like itwe promise 100% money back guarantee. Experience our company's philosophy "Spread the value of Healing' .

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