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APRILSKIN Calendula Peel Off Mask

Relaxkick backand let this mask go to work for you. Clogged poresblackheadsdead skinoildirtand debrisit sticks to all that gunk like glue. This Calendula Flower-infused mask dives deeper into your skin than other peel-off masks thanks to its smaller molecular structure. With impurities cleared awaynutrients and moisture are able to absorb better. Skin looks clearersmootherand more even. Visible results in only 4 weeks! With low-irritation exfoliating formulas infused with the time-tested calming flowerwe Uber-gentle peel off mask fortified with real calendula petalsextract and oil
Exfoliates dullness with every peel for visibly smoothersofter skin
Helps to clear pores to improve absorption of subsequent skincare products
Exfoliate embedded impurities and dead surface cells while delivering hydration
Soothes and protects your skinwith healing properties so good

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