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At BULK HOMME TRAVEL SIZE3-IN-1 FACE CARE SET - Elevate your skincare routine with THE TRAVEL SET FOR FACE CARE! This skincare mini set comes with a mini version of THE BUBBLE NET and our 3 travel size face care essentials including THE FACE WASH facial cleanserTHE TONER pore minimizing and hydrating tonerand THE LOTION richmoisturizing lotion. They come in a special travel carrying case that you can easily pack in your suitcasebackpackor gym bag to take with you on the go!
THE FACE WASH - Start your routine with this revitalizingsoothingand highly functional face cleanser for men. THE FACE WASH for men works as a gentle exfoliating face wash to remove excess oilsdirtand help clear clogged pores for a healthy-looking complexion. The luxurious foaming daily cleanser forms a richwhipped lather that gently cleanses and nourishes the skin with natural humectants that lock in moisture to help you avoid over-drying and irritation.
THE TONER - THE TONER is formulated with a powerhouse of skin care ingredients that lock in moisture and minimize the appearance of poresfine linesand wrinkles to reveal healthy-looking skin that's smooth and supple. It balances and calmsrestores moisture and helps revitalize your skin by cleansing any excess traces of dirtgrimeand impurities left behind after you wash your face. Add it to your daily skin care routine to help improve the overall appearance and tightness of your skin.
THE LOTION - As the final step in BULK HOMME's effective skin care product lineTHE LOTION features a unique formula that nourishes the skin for the long haul. This rich and milky facial moisturizer is designed specifically for men's skin textures with the potent Squalane oil moisturizing agent that protects the skin and prevents dryness. In additionit has a lightweight finishleaves the skin feeling refreshed with an uplifting aromaand deeply hydrates without leaving a greasy residue.

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