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Our ostrich oil is a whole oilwhich undergoes minimal processing during which impurities are removed. This is a treat for your skin with Omega 3s6s9sand natural fat solidsand also means it begins to solidify at temperatures below 75F and tiny crystals may be present. This does not hinder performance or absorptionbut you may warm the bottle under warm water if you prefer a less viscous experience. Each batch of oil is analyzed by an independent lab to ensure our exceedingly high standards for various fatty acid contentsclean colorlack of odorand shelf stabilityamong other tests. We feed our ostriches the highest qualityfreshest rations possible and this results in the highest quality ostrich oil in the world.


100% Pure American Ostrich Oil

OSTRICH VS EMU OIL - While similar to Emu oilclinical studies have shown that Ostrich oil contains higher concentrations of anti-inflammatory Omega 36and 9 fatty acids. Thisalong with the smaller molecular structure of Ostrich oilmeans it can more deeply penetrate the skindelivering the essential fatty acids skin cells need for optimal health and renewal. These qualities make Ostrich oil suitable for all ages and skin typesincluding those with eczemarosaceaor psoriasis.
SUPERIOR HYDRATION - Ostrich Oil is a highly moisturizing topical agent that provides immense hydrationresulting in a younger and softer looking skin. Because of the transdermal propertiesOstrich oil absorbs quickly and doesn

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