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Adofect 24K Gold Bio-collagen facial mask is formulated with pure goldnatural bio-ingredientshydrating compound to deliver to you a more defineyounger and glowing look

* Moisturizing hydrating * Firm skin * Improves skin elasticity * Reducing the appearance of aging * Reduce fine line and wrinkle * Strengthen the cell vitality

WaterGlycerinHydrolyzed CollagenSodium HyaluronateXanthan GUMCitric AcidCentella Asiatica ExtractCamellia Sinensis Leaf Extract,Peg-40 HydrogenatedCastor OilFlower Extract.

Warmly Prompt

  • 1.For external use only.
  • 2.Avoid direct eye contact.
  • 3.If any skin discomfortdiscontinue use.
  • 4.Keep out the reach of children.
  • 5.Storage: Store in a cool dry place.
  • Package Informations: 6pcs/12pcs/15pcs
  • Collagen facial mask can stimulates skin cells generationdramatically elevate and helps the skin to keep firm and healthy
    Gold Facial Mask is an excellent anti aging and anti wrinkle formula based on powerful ingredients that help in reducing sign of aging and wrinkle
    Affordable anti-aging facial gold mask help maintain skin youthfulnessreducing toxins that cause the skin to sag and speeding up skin repair
    Increase fibre flexibility and strengthen the nutrient uptakekeep skin elastic and firm.
    24-Karat Gold treatment mask reduce fine lines,minimizes pores and Strongly moisturize

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