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A pair of exfoliating gloves could give you the smoothest skin everso what are you waiting for

How to use exfoliating gloves in your bathing routine:

1. In the showerafter you've washed your hairput on the exfoliating glove and get it wet before squeezing a few drops of liquid body wash onto it.

2. Massage it with gentle pressure in circular motions around your bodymaking sure to get behind your neckyour elbowsouter and inner thighslegsand feet.

3. Once you've rinsed off the soap and dried off from the showerhang up your squeezed-out exfoliating gloves(preferably on separate hooks outside of the shower) to allow them to completely dry out.

4. Follow up with a moisturizing lotion or oilso that your exfoliated skin doesn't feel too dried out. If you're just starting your daymake sure to slather on SPF as wellbecause your exfoliated skin can be particularly vulnerable to sun damage.

WHAT CAN YOU GET - The exfoliating glove is made of 100% exfoliating nylon materialmoderate frictionpackage includes 8 pairs premium scrub wash mitts in 8 colorsgreat for the entire family and friends
EXFOLIATING BENEFITS - Removing dead skin cellsimproving circulationencouraging skin turnoverresulting in brighter skinallowing for better absorption of moisturizers and serums
IMPROVED DESIGN - Weaving the exfoliating gloves into a loofah texturewhich can more effectively remove the dead skin of the whole body. we also added a small hanging loop on each exfoliating glovewhich is convenient for drying after use
SUITABLE FOR ALL SKINS - Normaloilydry and mixeduse your own soap or shower gel of your choice to lather in luxury
SERVICE GUARANTEE - We provide complete and comprehensive customer service for shower exfoliating gloveswe promise to do our best to solve any and all problems for youwe provide free and unconditional returns and exchangesif you have any questionsplease feel free to email us

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