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- Start bathing and washing your body with our Luxurious Bath Spa Shower Scrub Gloves. Our Gloves make showering enjoyable and fun. These scrub gloves work well with all beauty products and skin types. They are perfect product for scrubbing and massaging the external parts of your body while also killing off and removing your dead skin cells leaving your skin luminous and sparkling.
Product Attributes
- Material: Nylon

- Each package comes with 6 packs (12 Gloves) of fun colored Unisex One Size fits all Bath Spa Scrub Gloves.

- Men- Don't be fooled by the color of the glovesthese are UNISEX and great scrub gloves for menwomenand children of all ages. Making showering more enjoyable and comfortable!

- 5 Finger gloves: Gloves with elastic wristcomfortable to wear and easy to operateyou can use them to clean every corner of your body thoroughly. One size fits mostThis kind of glove suits people of all skin typesdryoilyor rough skin especially.

TEXTURED SCRUBBER- Bath Spa Shower Scrubbers Exfoliate your dead skin cellsremoving harmful toxins from your bodyleaving your skin fresh and glowing. These scrub gloves increase your blood circulationwhile also help minimize ingrown hairsand itchy/ bumpy skin.
ELASTICIZED MATERIAL- Bath Spa lightweight smooth and gentle bath scrub gloves are made from nylon yarn and have an elastic wrist band to prevent them from slipping and sliding off your hands. These mitts make bathing comfortableeasy and enjoyable.
FOAM PRODUCER- Bath Spa Mittens can also be applied as a loofahthese mitts can produce rich foam. Works well together with all if not most beauty products: soapbody washshampoobody scrubsbath creamsshower gelsand face washes.

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