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5 Pair shower gloves scrub: these exfoliating gloves can be applied to scrub the whole body of youyou may use them when taking bath to stimulate your blood circulation and relieving skin problems

Made of high-quality materialsthis glove is designed for deep cleaning and exfoliation. can remove dead skin .Apply soap or body wash to the gloves and gently rub them to create a rich lather.Then exfoliate and rinse after use.

Package size includes:

Shower gloves(5 Pair have 10 PCS)

How to use:

Place the exfoliating bathing gloves on topwhen in use. Wet the gloves with water and then apply soap. Gently applypressure to your body as you scrub with exfoliating gloves. When finished,rinse with water and lay flat to dry. If you use them on your face andshouldersyou may need to reduce stressbecause these are sensitive areas ofthe body and require very gentle exfoliation.

5 Finger bath gloves: gloves with elastic wrist are tight to wear and easy to operateyou can use them to clean every corner of you body thoroughlyone size fits mostsuitable for family use Remove dull surface flakes and promote blood circulation. Refresh and vitalize your skin.Make it comfortable & radiant.Bath Gloves 5 Pairs,Shower Gloves
Body Scrub Gloves SizeBody wash mitt highly flexibleone size can be stretched to accommodate most hand sizessuitable for women and men. The elasticized wrist makes sure the exfoliant shower scrubs stay in place.
Scrub Gloves For Shower Material: Scrubbing Gloves For body made of 100% high quality nylon material which makes it durable.
Health Benefits- The body wash gloves can eliminates dryflaking or dead skin cellsworks on ingrown hairsitchybumpy and dry skinincreases blood circulation and removes harmful toxins from your body. Unblock pores and reduce cellulite appearance.
Size and Material - 7 inches long and 5.5 inches wide. Made of high quality polyester and nylon so the shower gloves could be elastic which can stretch to fit all sizes hand without being so tightperfect for both man and women use.

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