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Surgery Scar

Our Scar removal gel can effectively treat scar from surgery

ance spot

Without any chemical ingredientsthere is no irritating effect on your skin

stretch mark

This scar gel has helped many people treat stretch marks


Glycerin can quickly repair the skin of old scarsand it can whiten the surface of your scars


Centella asiatica can detoxify and eliminate abscesses,repair skin scarspromote skin wound healing and repair skin damage


Aloe vera can speed up the metabolism of the skin and promote the rapid repair of scars


Ginseng extract has the effect of promoting keratin degradation and delaying aging,and has certain anti-ultraviolet,anti-radiation,anti-rough and chapped effects. Accelerate the production of glycosaminoglycans in the skin and activate skin regeneration

FastFree ShippingFastFree ShippingFastFree ShippingFastFree Shipping [Natural ingredients] The ingredients of Aliver Scar Gel are extracted from plant ingredientswhich are very safe and do not contain pharmaceutical ingredients. You can use it safely.
[Removes Old and New Scars] Great for removing blemishes from surgerycut markspregnancy marksacne marksskin damageburnsstretch marksskin redness from facelegshands and arms.
[Multifunction] TCM Scar Cream also had skin nourishing effectseffective prevention of acne growthmild formularelieve skin discomfortreduce pockmarks.
[How to Use] Used dailytake some scar repair cream and apply it over scarsmassage for 3-5 minutes with fingers until absorbed completely by skin or scar tissue. 4 weeks as a coursethe length of treatment depends on agehealth and personal circumstanceswe suggest use 2 treatment courses. Advise to take Vitamin E and Vitamin A while using the scar cream. Avoid the sunreduce melanin deposit.
[Treatment time]Using research shows that new scars will disappear in just 8 weeksand old scars will be effective in 3-6 months. Remember that the age and severity of scars will affect the results displayedbut all scars will show positive results!

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