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Upgrade new VS old Style

1It only takes 10 seconds to soften with water 1 Long time to soften in water

2Easy to use thumb buckle 2Inconvenient to hold

3Knot design for easy hanging 3Unable to hang

4High cleaning efficiency 4 Inefficient cleaning

Our Ultra Soft Exfoliating Sponge is a must-have bathing accessory to remove drydead skin cells in a non-irritating way and keep your skin smooth and healthy.
At the firstyou need to soak in the water for a whiledon't use soapjust scrub it to your body with water.When you wash your bodyyou don't need to apply shower gel or soap on top.
Make skin silky smoothsuitable for babies and adults. When you use it to exfoliateyou will see the skin roll begin to fall offand you will be amazed at the results and feel the new healthy soft skin feel.
The bath sponge is suitable for adults and children. Fathermotherchildetc. should be used alone and healthier. Bath sponge perfect for clean and exfoliating your skin (no pattern).
Spong will become soft when exposed to water - it will harden after drying and will not affect normal use. It will become soft after soaking and can be used repeatedly.

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