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>> Features

  • Acne cleaning - Effectively soften dead skinremove acnedeep clean pores and dirtleaving skin feeling refreshed.

  • Facial moisturizing - Add a variety of plant extracts to clean and nourish the skin while leaving it soft and smooth. Contains rich glacier waterwhich quickly penetrates into the deep layers of the skinreplenishing the skin with natural moisture nourishment.

  • Refreshing - Contains green tea and natural ingredientsbalances skin oil secretion and replenishes rich moisture. Add niacinamide to make the skin softer and brighter.

How to use

1. Cleansing your face.

2. Open the green tea maskunscrew the maskremove the transparent protective cover.

3.Apply the mask evenly on the facewait for 10-15 minutes.

4. Wash off the mask on the face with water.

It's that simple.

What skin type is suitable

Natural IngredientGreen tea mask contains green tea extractwhich can effectively clean the skin pores and regulate the skin's water and oil balance. The natural ingredients will not cause damage to the skin and can be applied to all types of skin
Cleaning AbilityGreen tea extract makes this Oil Control mask more effective in cleansing. It can effectively remove excess oil on the skinreduce blackheads and acneand improve bad skin conditions
DifferenceCompared with the traditional cleansing maskthis green tea cleansing mask is more convenient to use. After cleaning your facejust apply it on the face like lipstick and wait for 10-15 minutesand then wash the face with clean water
Green Tea MaskRefer to my personal experienceafter using this green tea maskyou can use a facial cleanser to cleanse your faceand then apply a layer of moisturizer to make your skin better. I also use this cleansing mask myselfI think it's good
Sincere ServiceWe have very comprehensive customer service. If you have any doubts about this green tea maskyou can contact us. We will reply to you within 24 hours

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