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CAN HEAL BLEMISHES OVERNIGHT - Wear these blemish patches while you sleep. Our hydrocolloid blemish patch works deep to cleanse your skin to prevent scarring. Wake up the next morning with your blemish treated.
ADAPTS TO YOUR NEEDS - Our blemish patches can be used under face mask for women to make your skincare regime more efficient. Cut the patch into a smaller size and shape depending on the affected area.
COMPATIBLE WITH OILY SKIN - We designed our hydrocolloid patch to suit users with oily skin types. These magic eraser patches are designed to stick even on wet skinhelping you prevent scarring.
SECURE & EASY TO USE - No harsh chemicals were used to create our blemish treatment patches. Each blemish patch covers any troubled area and remains firmly attached until the morning after.
DISCRETE & PAIN-FREE - All our blemish patches are transparent and blend with your complexion. The patches feel comfy while attached on your face and leave your skin free from any redness. With more value than Avarelle or Mighty Patch.

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