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After Soaking Your Body in a Relaxing Hot Bath WaterGently Remove Grimey Dirt Off Your Skin with the Washcloth for Refreshing Sensation.
Millions of Asians Use These to Get That Baby Soft Skin! Not Recommended For Facial Scrubbing.
As it shrinks after soaked in waterit needs to be stretched back to tightly fit user's hand to provide the best surface tension and the rough feel idealized for exfoliating purposes.
High-quality peeling gloves Exfoliation is a widely-recognized skincare practice that removes dead cells from the surface of the skinhelping unclog poresbattle acneand contribute to an overall youthful skin appearance. Gloves that are lightweight and comfortably fit your hands often provide the best exfoliation results. This gloves gives you a great accessory to encourage growth of newhealthy skin cells.

Clean healthy skin - promote healthy skin and activate blood circulation. Suitable for all skin typeshelping you fight acnerasheczemaetc. It is very suitable for exfoliating the neckshouldersfeetetc.
Leaves your skin fresh - Ideal for use with your favorite soapbody scrubbody wash or sea saltuse these exfoliating gloves to gently and effectively remove dead skin and surface impurities from your body!
Superior to any sponge or traditional loofah gloves. The gloves are 22.5 x 13cm (8.85inch x 5inch)your hands will fit these exfoliating towels just rightthe textured gloves are stretchy and stretchable and fit most sizes of left and right hands. A great choice for the whole family. The elasticated wrist design fits perfectly and prevents the gloves from slipping off. Great bath/shower gloves for both men and women.
Our gloves are made of natural plant fibers.Does not contain any chemical substanceshypoallergenicnon-toxic.
Easy to use - 1. Place the gloves underwater; 2. Add some body wash or soap to the surface of the gloves; 3. Clean the skin slowly; 4. Rinse and hang after use.

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