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3.Use it to take a bath to wipe the bodymassagecan effectively remove the dust on the surface of the skinwipe off the excess oil in the poreshave a good improvement and prevention of health care to powder and other skin problemspromote blood circulationaccelerate metabolism and enhance their skin immunity.


Loofah sponge contains the vitamin B1 and the vitamin C. The long-term use of it can prevent skin ageing. It can protect the skineliminate plaqueand make the skin white and delicateso it is rare hairdressing to keep facial appearance beauty. After soaking in waterloofah becomes soft which means it does not hurt the skin. It can remove dirt and reduce acne and dead skin.


After soaking in waterloofah sponge is soft and does not hurt the skin. It can remove dirtreduce acne and dead skinand make the skin smooth and white for a long time.

1.Easy to clean: Natural loofah bath gloves can be used in place of regular bath sponges to promote blood circulationand make the skin more beautiful and healthy.
2.Healthy Living: Loofah sponge is very suitable for combination skin and oily skin in adults. It can exfoliate the skin and soothe itchy skin. If the long-term use of loofa can make rougheczemaacne and other skin problems get a good improvement.
3.Durability: Our loofah sponge bath is machine washablehand washableand durable. Even after repeated useit can still meet your exfoliating needs. From a health point of viewwe should avoid to share a bath with many people. For your better experience in the bathwe will also give you a towel gourd bath rub.
4.Natural eco-friendly material: The main product in the towel gourd bath bar is the net fiber from the mature towel gourd. It is a greennatural and non-added product. It can be biodegradable and buried in your garden after being discardedwhich can provide nutrients for the flowers and make the flowers more colorful.
5.Easy to use: Soak it in water to soften it before use. Then add soap to cleanse your skin. After bathingplease clean the loofah and hang it to dry. This product is not recommended for babies because of the thin cuticle of young children's skin.

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