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Size: 10x 5x 1.5cm/3.9x2x0.6inches

10x Loofahs


The ultimate experience: with cloth and linen lanyardeasy to hang and carrythe loofah is stiff when it is dryand becomes soft after absorbing water; The structure of this natural exfoliating sponge remains strong; When a natural bath sponge is immersed in waterthese same fibers become soft and suppleproviding a very gentle massagebring mechanism enjoyment to your raining experience
Wide range of uses: bathingscrubbingmakeup remover and cleansingappliance cleaningwashing pots and dishes
Collection of many advantages: the material is human ingredientsloofahold dried fruitplant loofahboth ends are flatthe thickness is flat; And the rough mesh is ventilated and ventilated to bathe without hurting the skinwashing the pot and washing dishes does not hurt the skin appliance
Natural growth: the planted material is recyclethree-dimensional network structuremoisture absorption and air permeability are stable; Close to the trend of the timesgreen and natural trend models

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